Getting Started

SinC/LA Blog is the chat room where the sisters & misters of Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles discuss topics that grow our career as mystery writers. We would love it if you would help us get started!

First, go to the ABOUT page and get yourself a WordPress username. Follow the instructions there to participate.

Second, pick one or two or three items on the poll below to help choose our DECEMBER discussion topic. In NOVEMBER, our discussion will tie in with National Novel Writing Month, which the Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles chapter is going to support this year.

Third, add a comment. Tell us what you’re reading right now.

Lastly, and totally optional, members are encouraged to write up a bio and photo for Meet Your Fellow Sisters & Misters. Submitted bios for this section will be posted once your membership status is verified.

That’s it!  Welcome!


4 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. MK

    Hi everyone. I’m currently reading THEY ALL FALL DOWN by Rachel Howzell Hall, and also PERMANENT RECORD by Edward Snowden. I voted in the poll. My first choice for a discussion topic is Writing Workshops.


  2. shannonmuirauthor

    Hello everyone. Right now, I’m caching up on reading Anne HIllerman – she and her dad Tony are my favorite mystery writers. Just about to start Anne’s latest, THE TALE TELLER.


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